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In the past week, I can recollect using running-based metaphors to make figurative comparisons to project management, driving, elementary science and math education, and life/aging. (That last one was just in my head, as I jogged half-lost on an unfamilar side trail in local conservation lands: “Life is like an 18-mile trail run. Early on, it’s okay to be lost, with no clear direction, because you have lots of miles left to find your way. But getting lost late in the run can be defeating; you are tired, maybe a bit broken, and all you want to do is find comfort and surety in knowing where you are and what lies ahead.”)

Here’s another one: The habit of blogging is like the habit of running. Life gets busy and you stop blogging for a few days. Those days turn into months, and you’ll think about blogging, but dismiss it in favor of another activity, because you forget what you like about blogging and only remember the exquisitely painful aspects of blogging.

The trick to restarting blogging is to start slowly. Don’t hammer out posts at top speed for hours at a time; don’t expect to glide and dance over syntax and vocabulary; listen to your body and your mind, and remember the most important thing is to get out of the door.


My last blog post was near the start of summer, which just yesterday slipped through my fingers with start of  the Autumn equinox. We had a few adventures, but never enough adventures.

Below is the picture that LB used to sum up his summer vacation to his 4th grade class. They use this horrible one-star app to share the photos. It took us about 90 minutes to figure out how to upload the photo (with a caption) to the particular folder where they were supposed to post their summer stories. Delete, upload, delete, upload…. LB typed in the caption about a dozen times. Four days later, I still remember it: “Hiking in France with my family. We saw lots of cows and cow poop. We climbed Mountain Saint Jack and Pierra Menta. We also ate a lot of cheese!”


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