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DeCordova Afternoon

The DeCordova is our default art museum, for these reasons:

1: Located in nearby Lincoln, MA, there is no need to venture into busy, crowded, nightmaresque Boston.

2: The DeCordova offers a mixture of indoor and outdoor exhibitions in a scenic setting, so we can stroll through woodsy environs while also being cultural, and…

3: (this is a newfound reason) The cafe serves beer and wine! (so long as the patron simultaneously purchases food, hence we bought a bag of potato chips. A toast to public health?!?)


Beer break at the lovely cafe


Little Boy’s “Old Lady” puppet, constructed in the “Mash-up Zone”


Taking in soothing yet questionable audiovisual art


Making our own art! “Untitled (Eye in Lemonade bottle)”


Making our own art “Untitled (GIMMEE CHIPS)”

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