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Resurrection 2017

I’d like to begin blogging again. But before I do, I need to address the lengthy period of silence. Nothing dramatic… I could blame the decidedly amiss frequency on the general hectic nature of my normal life, but upon reflection I find that I have time to do a lot of of non-essential things if I make it a habit. I am a creature of habit.

So why is blogging no longer a habit?

Blogging used to fulfill me in a way that my professional life did not. Up until a few years ago, my job used to be boring, monotonous, and I needed an intellectual outlet. (Yes, blogging about a trip to Johnnie’s Foodmaster was sooo intellectual). But now, work keeps me busy… in fact it consumes me most of my waking hours. In a way 2016 was a hallmark year in my career, with a big fat promotion to accompany some big fat project deliverables that have the VIPs at my company crowing with satisfaction. But the lead-up to each project completion left me fraught with stress and worry; I’d awake at 3am to peck away at work. My actual work day is consumed with so many meetings that I don’t have time to work at work.

When I’m not working, the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer and think. I’ll sit at a computer and watch mindless stuff on Youtube, I’ll read Reddit, I’ll peruse ultrarunnerpodcast, but I just want to switch my mind off. Which is a bummer, because I feel guilty about all of the time I waste watching (and rewatching) SNL skits and looking at the aww sub-Reddit when I could be adding to my blog canon. Aside from my Ultrasignup profile, this blog could be the closest thing I have to a digital legacy that defines who I am.

So I didn’t make any New Years resolutions about blogging (in fact, I didn’t make any resolutions at all) but I am resurrecting my blogging resolve without trying to put too much pressure on myself. First step is to make it a habit. Second step is to make it something worth reading.

And here’s how we’re all looking these days — this was on a ski cabin in France over the holidays.






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